Happy Hero Cards: Transforming Mental Health Education with Wes Woodson

Happy Hero Cards: Transforming Mental Health Education with Wes Woodson

Hey there!

it's Wes Woodson, your friendly neighborhood mental health advocate and mental health public speaker. Over the last few years my presentations have reached over  100,000 students about anxiety! (I am beyond grateful!)

However, one thing that keeps popping up is the lack of effective resources to educate young minds about mental health. From my perspective, it's like we're trying to tackle a big wave with a tiny surfboard!

But then I had an idea. 

I've stumbled upon something truly remarkable that's been a game-changer in my own journey and in the lives of countless students. What if we took the magic of Pokemon trading cards and married them to the power of therapy?

Introducing: Happy Hero trading cards.

These aren't just any cards; they're superheroes in disguise, designed to help students (and adults) talk about our feelings.

In the end of 2023, I was coming off of my first national public speaking tour and if I am being honest I was really anxious. Anxiety for me has always made me believe that I have to go through these unpleasant feelings alone; which would lead me to have those rough days where my anxiety feels like a storm. But that's where my trusty Happy Hero cards come in. During therapy sessions, after a particularly tough day, these cards helped me externalize my feelings in a way I never thought possible.

You see, these cards aren't just pretty pictures and catchy phrases. They're tools of empowerment. They help students—and yes, even us adults—put words to those big, overwhelming emotions we sometimes can't express. They break down barriers, open up conversations, and make mental health education not just accessible but downright enjoyable.

Here's why Happy Hero trading cards are a must-have in your toolkit:

  1. Breaking the Ice: Talking about mental health can be awkward, especially for young minds. These cards break the ice and make those conversations feel natural and relatable.

  2. Building Emotional Vocabulary: Many of us struggle to put words to our feelings. These cards expand our emotional vocabulary, helping us articulate what's going on inside our heads and hearts.

  3. Creating Connection: When we see our emotions reflected in these cards, it creates a sense of connection and validation. We realize we're not alone in how we feel.

  4. Encouraging Self-Reflection: The prompts and discussions around these cards encourage deep self-reflection, leading to greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

  5. Fun and Engaging: Let's face it, learning about mental health can be heavy. But with Happy Hero cards, it's fun, interactive, and leaves a lasting impact.

So, whether you're a counselor, educator, or someone passionate about mental health like me, consider adding Happy Hero trading cards to your arsenal. Let's continue breaking the stigma, starting conversations, and empowering young minds to embrace their emotional superpowers!

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